cftxp: Since it’s World Mental Health Day today and National...

General / 11 October 2017


Since it’s World Mental Health Day today and National Coming Out Day tomorrow maybe I should walk you through my diagnosis from the end of 2012.

Y’all already know I’m autistic which is the 299.80 part (both PDD-NOS and Asperger’s were considered autism at the time).

Now with 309.28 (depression and anxiety), I lied to the psychologist and didn’t tell her that I was gay (I came out the next year though) and how being in the closet adversely affected my mental health, it turned out to be the right decision since the therapist I was with for a few months told me that “I would make a woman happy some day” about 20 minutes after I told him I’m gay.

An adjustment disorder basically means temporary, but I still get this shit to this day.


301.9 is PD-NOS, which pretty much means I have symptoms from different personality disorders (e.g. obsessive compulsive, schizoid) so it’s just best to say I have a personality disorder in general.

But what’s a personality disorder? It’s given to you if you exhibit behavior that isn’t “normal” (schizoid means aloof for instance and not schizophrenic) so “normal” people think there’s something wrong with you and don’t wanna be friends and shit 😕 Which lead to the peer relational problems 🤷🏽‍♂️

And the 60 means it’s not a 100 so y’all gotta make up for the 40 😏

But yeah, this is just my view of what these mean, I’ve come to terms with accepting who I am and managing the depression and anxiety as they come.